How do I Improve My Mental Health During The Hard Times? 

I sincerely understand. You feel weary and tired. I feel the same. We are all fed up.

With everything that is happening in the world, flooding our timelines leaving us with heaps of mixed feelings.

For the past few months, it has not been good news or nothing to wish to continue following.

Whatever you feel like doing that might make you feel better. Just do it!

Wait, I am not here to suggest or present a form of dictation for the activities that you should do to improve your mental health during the current times but on all occasions. The main goal here at is the promotion of mental health and reaching as many people as possible with a mission of helping you emerge in all situations stronger than before. Like for real. We are serious about this.

Let’s look at the approved tips and techniques to help you improve your mental health during these hard times.

1. Be Creative And Eager To Discover Your Artistic Side.

I have talked to several people both from our online platforms and offline. People who have had it rough in the past and emerged winners and stronger, what all these people have in common is that they credit to ‘creativity’ saving their lives.

For instance, Jack (not his real name) was losing his life to depression with 3 attempts to suicide, and self-harm habits at an early age of 23. With the help of the sister, he started medication, and in the process started painting. Now he is a full-time artist and selling his work all over the country. Despite seeking medication, he still believes painting has saved his life.

Artist enjoying his creation in progress, courtesy:

The point is, when you put your mind in creating something, you focus on your creation and nothing else. It does not have to be the same case as Jacks’; you can create as a hobby, as a side hustle, or just paint to gift someone.

Express your feelings in art, may it be your grief, joy, sadness, anxiety, boredom, etc, just put it down. Remember as a creator, you are the only one who has the idea of what you want to create. Entertain yourself with it. Let every moment in your creation count.

2. Be In The Know. Stay Informed

Early this year I was trying my best to avoid the negativity and negative media coverage. Not kidding. It was my resolution for 2020! However, these times have proved this impossible. We are all left with no option other than sieve what to read and when to take the social media breaks.

Make sure you clearly understand what is happening from reliable sources. If it is regarding the pandemic, be in the know of how it is spread and the preventive measures, and the rules for both your country and the WHO. Educate yourself with what is going on during these times.

It is only from understanding a situation that you stand in a position to make a sound decision and critically challenge yourself. And asking yourself questions like, is it productive? How does this affect me or those around me? You also realize that issues cannot be solved without awareness of these problems. But with awareness, you get to make smart decisions pretty fast.

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Take your time to understand your friends and colleagues at work that you have labeled, ‘anxious’, ‘bipolar’ among other names. Read more of mental health disorders from the internet and other reliable materials there are. It is only through understanding people’s issues that you stand in a position to being empathetic and helping them during these hard times. In the process, you also learn how to cope during difficult times.

3. Don’t Just Exercise For The Sake Of It. Exercise With A Purpose.

Almost everyone does or recommends exercise for physical fitness; general health, lifestyle disease prevention, etc, but here we overlook the benefits of exercise to your mental health. When I mention exercise, I don’t mean any other type of exercise but only the exercises that will get you hooked and engaged to the present moment.

Wide range of yoga helps reduce anxiety and depression, courtesy:

Such exercises include yoga, sex, and aerobics. Sparing some time for, meditation is very healthy too and helps you improve your mental health.

When you want to attain mental stability through exercise, try staying true to your exercises. And do it solely for your mental health reasons. Do it for your spiritual growth.

4. What Does Mental Health Mean To Me?

Of course when you put this question in a group, you will find out it is such a basic topic. It is upon you as an individual to proactively focus on your mental and physical health, emotional and spiritual growth, and more so, your personal development.

Try to find self-motivation to wake up every morning to do the things you like and do best. I know it is not as easy as it sounds but, what if this is all the life we ever get? It’s a beautiful life. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy!

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