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Six Daily Routines For Your Mental Health

  Mental health disorders are disruptive; they always turn the whole world around us upside down. I most cases, you will find yourself trying to make changes to adjust and fit in the new world and to create room for recovery. However, consistently having some healthy daily habits or routines, they not only make your […]

8 Signs That Say You May Require Mental Evaluation

“Unfortunately, most people with mental health disorders are not likely to seek help; either because they are not certain about their situation or are embarrassed about the same…” K-Wise Psychology   The words “Mental Disorder” are in most cases associated with some type of stigma and not to mention still very scary to some people. […]

6 Reasons Why World Bipolar Day Is Important

‘World bipolar day is expected to raise the awareness of the underlying bipolar conditions and to work in eliminating the stigma…” Shareh March 30th of every year the world comes together to mark and raise awareness of a mental disorder that is a little less on the limelight despite affecting more than 10 million individuals […]

MENTAL HEALTH: Defining Mental Health, the Importance of Mental health, Early Signs of Mental Health Problems, and Ways to Attaining Positive Mental Health

 What is Mental Health? In my view, mental health may refer to how one feels, thinks, deals with day to day challenges and their reactions to what surrounds them. This can be people, work, things, situations, pets, etc. According to WHO, mental health may be defined as a state of well being in which an […]