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Mental Health Awareness Month| Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a psychological disorder affecting not only how you feel and think about yourself but also others thus causing problems functioning in your daily life activities. This includes difficulties while managing emotions, consistent patterns of unstable relationships with those you relate with, self-image issues. It is commonly referred to as personality […]

Am I The Only One Who Is Not “Doing Fine” In Lock-down And Isolation? Emotional Stability Amid The Pandemic

“Surrendering is not letting off hope, it is making peace with the present situation or acceptance of what is happening …” Shareh Wanjau We are coming to a conclusion to the fact that the pandemic situation will last longer perhaps than we possibly anticipated or what we were told. There are a lot of emotions, […]

Addiction And Mental Health: Co-Occurring Disorders And Dual Diagnosis

“mental illness and a substance disorder differ in severity when they occur together, though their severity may change after some time…”  KWise Pychology Dual diagnosis or Co-occurring disorder refers to a condition whereby an individual already has a co-existing mental illness and alcohol/drug use disorder. Although the term is commonly used in reference to the […]