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5 Conversational Behaviors Of A Confident Person

5 Conversational Behaviors Of A Confident Person 1. They focus in making statements other than asking questions “I would appreciate if you come up again” ↔ “could you come up again?” “I am going to the stores” ↔ “Can I go to the stores?” “Grab me the marker” ↔ “would you grab me the marker?” […]

5 Important Things That Do Not Matter In Life

Have you ever scheduled a meeting with yourself and thought of the puzzle of life and all that happens around us? Or even ever thought the significance of all the things happening around us and others really pressuring us out? Here are some of the top 5 things that don’t matter in life though always […]

6 Quotes on Mental Health Awareness

Quotes on Mental Health  1. “It is Mental Health Awareness Month. Check out all the possible self care activities that you can do for your mental wellness”- kwisepsychology.com 2. “Mental health can make you unstable but you are still able. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. you will soon win”- kwisepsychology.com Quote On Mental Health- […]